Senior Citizen Support Services in Ranchi

In today’s world, we live in a time where the young people are constantly on the move. Gone are the times where entire generations would grow up and live their lives in the same place.We understand that most young people have to leave their homes, especially in rural areas because of education, work, or to just to live somewhere else for a better life.

In doing so they have no choice but to leave behind their beloved mother, father, or a guardian who may have come to an age where their health is deteriorating. These senior citizens often require assistance in their day-to-day life to live normally. That is why here at Mitratulya provide Senior Citizen Support Services in Ranchi to look after your dear parents or guardians so that you can focus on your studies, work, or life without worrying about their wellbeing.

Our Senior Citizen Support Services

Our Services for Senior Citizens in Ranchi will not only assist them in their day-to-day life, but also enhance their quality of life. Some of them include:

Healthcare & Medical Services

Mitratulya's Senior Citizen Support Services offer hospital visits and direct home delivery of medicines to address the health needs of aging individuals, ensuring regular checkups and medication accessibility.

Household Services

Doing daily household chores is difficult for a senior citizen. Mitratulya’s Senior Citizen Support Services will also take care of sweeping, cleaning, gardening, furnishing, plumbing, repairing, as well as any other household work.

Home Delivery

Senior Citizen Support Services also provide delivery of groceries, kitchen appliances, electrical and electronic appliances, furniture and home decors, tools, etc.


When senior citizens have to go somewhere, it is difficult for them to navigate. Mitratulya’s Senior Citizen Support Services will help them so they reach their destination safely.

Legal Assistance

We at Mitratulya also assist senior citizens to do any legal work related to Taxes, Property, Citizen ID like Aadhar, Passport, Voter ID etc.

Other Services

If there is any other help you would like, please contact Mitratulya Senior Citizen Support Services.

Feel free to contact us with any queries or concerns regarding senior citizen support services.